Integrated Medicine : Natural Health Clinic

Welcome to the Natural Health Clinic where our business is looking after your health through the science of Integrated Medicine.
Our aim is to promote health, energy and vitality enabling you to live a full and active life.  We restore balance to the inside of your body so the results can be seen on the outside.  
We focus on three main groups of widely experienced problems;
Physical Injuries  -  Chronic Conditions  -  Beauty Issues
To search for specific problems within these groups, click on the individual navigation tabs above and explore our interactive diagrams.
In many cases the symptoms a patient brings to us are indicators to deeper problems from often unexpected sources. Our complementary techniques have been developed to reflect these complexities in order to treat the individual cause of discomfort and body imbalance as a whole, not just mask the symptoms. With this in mind, you will always get a tailored, personal treatment from the first appointment, right through to better health.
We are committed to giving value for money and keep up with the latest research to provide treatments using natural, safe products which avoid the unpleasant side effects of prescription medicines. For more information on the individual techniques employed, please browse each of their respective pages under the 'Treatment Techniques' tab and should you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with the clinic. We look forward to hearing from you.