About Us

Ingrid Magnus  MCSP, LFHom (phys), Dip Homtox.
After qualifying as a chartered physiotherapist in 1979, Ingrid worked with outpatients of the NHS where she gained a wealth of experience and became a spinal specialist. In 1992, after over a decade in the public sector, she decided to move away from the ‘stationary’ physiotherapy practised in the NHS and establish her own HPC registered private practice.  This allows her the freedom to challenge existing physiotherapy practices with her own blend of dynamic and comprehensive treatment, personalised to target and eradicate the cause of any given patient’s problem, rather than to simply focus on treating the symptoms.


Natural Health Clinic
The Natural Health Clinic has been established since 2002 and is dedicated to the healing of pain, suffering and chronic disease.  In recent years, the population's ill health has spiralled out of control, such as heart disease, fatigue, arthritis, alzheimers, dementia and obesity.  Many patients are disappointed with the results of their prescription drugs, and are turning to Complementary therapies for better health.
At the Natural Health Clinic patients are helped in a natural way by clearing the terrain of the body, improving communication between cells and supporting the individual's organs to become re-vitalised and function as they should. 



Chartered Physiotherapist - MCSP
Homeopathy - LFHom(Phys)
Homotoxicology - Dip. Homtox
Acupuncture - MAACP
Physiological Regulatory Medicine (PRM) -  Biopuncture  /  PRM Biopuncture
In addition to the above qualifications, Ingrid has extensive training in kinesiology, craniosacral therapy, healing, massage, nutrition and reiki.