Beauty Therapies

At the Natural Health Clinic we know that many people are as worried about their physical appearance as they are their internal health. With a wide range of treatments on offer there are many options available to help address any concerns you may have. Our approach is a structural one, helping your body to boost cell renewal and make noticeable physical changes.
New! The natural alternative to Botox: Mesotherapy
By detoxing your internal matrix, your health, energy and vitality will increase making you look more radient. Sometimes however, a little help is needed on the surface! With biopuncture, your natural production of collagen and hylauronic acid is stimulated causing a substantial anti-ageing effect. The new, completely safe alternative to botox, it has no detrimental toxins and will create a very natural, youthful look. This amazing treatment can be combined with a toning exercise and diet programme to increase the effects and reveal the new, more youthful you!
The diagram to the right displays some common issues people may have with their physical appearence which can be treated at the Natural Health Clinic. Also shown are some of the treatments we offer to improve your wellbeing and appearence both from the inside and on the surface.

Detox and Drainage
Stomach Toning
Wrinkles/Signs of Ageing
Breast Toning
Adipose Tissue
Exercise Programmes
Buttock Toning