What is it?

Biopuncture is considered the new frontier in the treatment of joint disease, arthrosis and myofascial (muscles and tendons) pain.
It is a course of injections which are able to release anti-pain chemical mediators. Their therapeutic effects are immediate in acute painful conditions and progressive in chronic conditions.
These injections have been designed from the 'energetic' viewpoint - taking the laws of acupuncture and neuroreflexology into account (Homeosynatory). 
The injections are made of homeopathic microdoses (X:D) and therefore have no adverse side effects.
Why use biopuncture instead of allopathic drugs?
While conventional treatments ensure positive benefits in the short term, they are often accompanied by a complex series of adverse side effects.  They only treat the symptoms, not the underlying causes. Biopuncture is fast acting, effective and targets the underlying cause.
Some patients are unable to use allopathic medicines from the doctor due to other complications or interactions with already prescribed drugs, or find that the medication prescribed does not agree with them.  It is a common occurance that Non Steriod Anti-Inflmmatory Drugs (NSAIDs) cause digestive problems which can lead to more chronic diseases. Biopuncture is an effective alternative with no side affects.
Pain relief for acute and chronic problems:

  • Relief of muscle, joint and neurological pain
  • Pain management for arthritic conditions
  • Targets the area to be treated
  • Highly effective
  • Safe, even in pregnancy
  • No side effects
  • It is not a drug
  • No interaction with prescribed drugs
  • Stimulates your own body's healing processes.

Biopuncture is Ingrid's most recently acquired therapy. She has undergone extensive training in Physiological Regulatory Medicine to better understand the root of biopuncture. She completed her training and diploma with Dr M De Bellis, a highly regarded homeosyniatry (pain control) expert, in Milan. She combines biopuncture with other carefully selected techniques to achieve fast and highly effective results.